The Diocese of Saint Catherine of Siena celebrates under the auspices and authority of the Old Catholic Churches International.  This diocese strives to be open to the insights of all faiths and philosophies while maintaining the teachings of the Christ, Jesus. Our openness means that we have a unique spiritual character and appeal, and that our mission reaches beyond conventional boundaries to embrace a genuine universality.  However, we balance that openness with the Christ’s teachings of love, compassion, forgiveness, and living the very things our Lord instructed us to follow.

We see our work as firmly grounded in the wish of Jesus Christ that His church strive to attain unity in the face of its differences, and thus we strive to make our church’s primary goal to be an ecumenical mission church.

Our Presiding Bishop derives their Apostolic Succession from the historic Churches of the East and West and can trace those successions through multiple lines. Though we are independent of the Roman church, we have significant ties with the historic teachings of our forefathers, as well as the teachings within the Old Catholic movement.